Lost & Found

by Nick Palmer
This station is Navarre. It’s a home away from home for the four university boys, Sebastian Ferdinand, Andrew Dumaine, James Longaville and Daniel Biron, who head up the Lost Property Office in the station building. After slanderous accusations about sexual technique, a tumultuous end to a relationship, and the judicious application of peer pressure, the boys decide to swear off women for the rest of their university careers.

But that task is doomed to failure with the arrival of four new staff members who set the boys’ pulses racing; Imogen France, Rose Belfort, Maria Laval, and Katherine Blaye. To avoid breaking their oaths the boys have to work extra hard to conceal their attempts to win the girls’ hearts, that’s if the girls are content to be won. But, then, the course of true love never did run smooth!

Based on William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, LOST & FOUND is a play about love, friendship, and lost objects, that’s touching and hilarious in equal measure.

LOST & FOUND was produced in collaboration with LUTheatre.