Edward Spence

Edward Spence is an actor and director based in the East Midlands. Involved in theatre, film and voice acting, he is also a member of the National Youth Theatre and part of The Little Theatre’s production implementation team in Leicester. In addition to acting and directing, he was a finalist in stand up competition So You Think You’re Footlightingly Funny? (2012), and also writes comic book scripts for Dark Pond Creations.

His credits include: Richard III (Curve Theatre), Twelfth Night (e.g. Productions), Measure for Measure (Spinning Wheel Theatre), The Crucible (Fine Line Productions), After Miss Julie (Leicester Drama Society), Once Upon Arrggh! (BigMix Theatre), Gormenghast (Theatre Royal), Endgame (LUTheatre), Catching the Fox (Kieran Chauhan Films), Invisible Dance of the Psychedelic Spiders (Agilitize Productions).